Tuesday, 31 March 2009

An Ode To My Royal Students

As you are about to begin a tomorrow without me,
Let me assure you of your destiny…
You are going to sail smooth through the phase,
As I shall reside in your heart always.
As students you are courageous and brave,
And the road to success you will pave…
Strength and perseverance you have in you,
Creating wonders in whatever you do
The exuberance in your ways startle me,
The innocence in your heart is forever to be.
I am amazed when you shower your loving tribute,
Looking back with fondness and gratitude.
I have learnt so much from you students dear,
How to love, how to forgive and bear…
I couldn’t have been what I am today,
Without your smiles that you flashed all the way.
You have floored me with your charming ways,
And I can never forget you with the passing days.
I fumble to perfectly narrate…
What a palpable bliss in me you create.
I have sought refuge in you many a times,
As students with you my life rhymes.
We have shared a relationship for sometime,
And moments you gifted me were beautiful and sublime.
Will be connected to you with memories coming alive,
The pleasurable glimpses will forever thrive.
Whenever I close my eyes taking a relaxed breath,
Dear students I can see your image beyond death.
I stretch my arms holding on to this last spell,
Misery of ending my term in Royal is hard to tell.
You have asked me a million times…”Why, Miss, Why???”
“Sorry students----probably its time to say goodbye.”
Well things change, life goes on, so it will for us…
But nothing can take me away from you, I STATE THUS!!!


  1. hi miss.
    remember me siddharth raikar from 12th sci c.
    i passed out two yars ago.
    that was an amazing poem
    and i m sure u wrote that in one go........
    i will never forget u nor miss u
    coz u r right in my heart.
    plzz reply..........i m dyin 2 hear frm u.

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  3. My life is as good as it can be.I am doing architecture from asmita college miraroad.Its amazing and i m loving it.Really miss my college days at Royal where we used to have a lot of fun.Missing few friends and profs.I heard abt himen sir and was shocked.I really miss u nd all bio dept profs and shushila miss.I miss our canteen and gymkhana.But apart from that i have made more frnds more amazing profs and studyn wat many doesnt.I really wanted to do sumthn in journalism nd also want to write buks. i m writin down my thoughts. check my blog. i m ur follower.i have one month vacs now. so plzz suggest me few gud buks to peep into.Lots of love nd best of health to a teacher i luv the MOST.

  4. Hi Mam .... each and every1 has to move ahead...The most important phase of my life was in Royal. it was such a nice experience and meeting you was something which turned my life...
    though you did not teach me anything related to books ... but still you made me learned the imp facts of life and how to tackle them strongly.... I have never looked back in my life and it would not have been possible without ur support.
    u r my TRUE GURU .... and will always remember you in all my success and throught out my life...
    Thank You so much for everything you gave me ...
    also extremely sorry if incase have hurt you anytime.

  5. Wow so glad to hear from you. do keep in touch.I am so happy to know that you read this poem as it is for all of you especially for the class 12 batch I left in the midst of their academic year. They couldnt comre to terms as to why i was leaving Royal. Thats when I wrote it for them. Presently I am in St. Andrews College , Bandra.Siddharth do let me know about whats on in your life. Love you all very much.