Friday, 27 March 2009


26th of September 1987 ushered in,
And I beheld a child so very lean.
Cuddled in my sister's arms,
An angel that truly charms.
I touched the cute bundle of joy,
And said, “He’s my baby boy”.
My sister smiled and agreed,
That he was mine too, indeed.
A magical feeling stirred in me,
I became a mother along with ‘she’.
A little baby nestled in my heart,
As from him I was miles apart.
My sister told me of her infant’s craft,
How he babbled and how he laughed.
How he spoke those little words,
How he twittered like the birds.
She told me how he went to school,
And learnt to adjust to the rule.
She told me the teachers were proud of him,
And here, my heart sparked with a beam.
The joy a mother can only feel,
The excitement that made me reel.
For this wonderful gift, I thank God,
And my sister who made him trod,
Into this world to make us bloom-
as mothers, so that he can loom,
In our lives as long as we live,
To shower love and to give,
Give respect to us always,
And in affection ‘him’ we embrace.
He is our son, our greatest pleasure,
A bond we shall forever treasure.
Today as he turns eighteen,
I reflect on the years I have seen.
And with confidence I can say,
He’ll make us proud with every passing day.
God bless you is what my heart prays ,
And may you succeed at every phase.
Will love you forever for what you are
A son with whom none can be at par.

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