Tuesday, 17 March 2009


A beautiful face peered out,

A face away from the daily rout.....

Amidst the millions mingling,

It set the bells tingling.

I guess you feel she is fair and tall,

But to me beauty is not about it at all.

Its about this dark face,

Its about this lady with a grace.

Her bright eyes sparkling like a star,

Attracting many from near and far.

I guess you wonder how she can be pretty,

Yet i reitterate she is like a deity.

Yes she isnt tall and fair,

But can make heads turn and stare.

She has no traces of superficiality,

This lady is immaculate beauty.

Trust me she will beguile you with her ways,

With the warmth she so lovingly generates.

She is a chirpy and bubbly lady i met,

In the crowded mumbai locals of late.

May in her life joys thrive,

So that she keeps her smiles forever alive.

I have an intuition assuring me,

That she will be a friend till eternity.

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