Sunday, 19 July 2009

MY UNROMANTIC HUSBAND...................

Adjectives adorn a personality and can mar it too. Well, the only negatively used ‘describing word’ which I can probably mention at rampant for the man of my life is ‘UNROMANTIC’. An honest confession……… it has caused me many a tear, yet he emerges victorious and steals away the crown and truly is a majestic husband.

My man is different from the others not because he is tall and stands out but because his ways have been stupendous. He may not be the one who would bowl me out with an enchanting dance or send violets or light some candles over a dinner and steal a rapturous kiss, yet he has made himself to the victory stand for his unmatched ways. As a lover he stood by me, honoured me for what I was and married me against all odds. I thought he had given me everything that I could ask for. On marrying this man I found he was always wanting to light up my life despite the trials and tribulations of his journey to professional success. An understanding man who wanted me to be well educated, who never wanted me to waste my talent at home. I can never forget the early days of marriage as it does not mean only honeymoon days for me. It reminds of a supportive husband who smiled away over a badly cooked dinner and even would take a generous helping just to put me at ease. A husband who would understand my woes of parting from my mother and would personally go and get her to enliven my life. A husband who would monitor like a grandfather whether I was taking good care of my very own mother. It does talk about a splendid person in him.

As a twenty two year old, on so many occasions I opened the door to welcome him back to a home where things were all upset as I would get stiff bored of house chores. An energetic man and the loving husband would spring to action settling the house and soon I learnt how to turn it into a home from him. He is perhaps energy personified. A man who could wear a smile even after a hectic train journey of two nights without reservation which he once took up by choice just to be with me. He was more than happy to be home. A man who can drive any distance to pick me up from somewhere as my comfort has always been his priority.

My beloved husband could start for work comfortably at 9 in the morning but would set off with me at 7 itself with a happy feeling that he would drive me safe to my school where I was a teacher then. I would have to get up early at 5 to finish off the cooking and with the alarm clock he would flash a smile and enjoy the bed tea. Trust me never, ever complained of having to get up in the wee hours of the morning. On the contrary would be upset if I wouldn’t call him. Strange it sounds right as I call him my unromantic husband.

Well he is a far cry from romance. He probably is a loving man who craves for togetherness. If that can be defined as romance then I have had a share of romance in my life. My sagittarian husband does not understand the lingo of romance perhaps but has done magnanimous things that people would shudder to do. On knowing that I was going through the pains of being childless he would assert that he was not fond of children. And then when he learnt I was wanting to adopt a ten year old girl who wished to be mine he never questioned. He did it for me and my smiles. And let me come to the highest honour I can credit him with. HE LOVES HIS DAUGHTER TO DISTRACTION. All this has been possible only for his unbound love for me. He proved it with sincerity that love means sacrifice. I will be undermining his efforts if I sit and list out his sacrifices. It’s just for my readers to understand.

Together we have battled the unending struggles we had to meet up with. We have also had our share of bitter moments yet the happy moments surely weighed more . Sometimes my friends teasingly question how I hooked this man, so disturbingly good looking. My mind then wanders back to the distant days of the past when we fell in love without a reason. Probably that’s why till date we do not reason out things and stay on as HUSBAND and WIFE despite our differences.

Dear husband, the bridge on which we tread years back is still strong celebrating and bringing alive the moments when you confessed your love for me. It has lasted long enough for us to explore the changing times. We are ancient now, we have drowned our youth and are turning grey but our silence speaks more than words. With open arms I welcome the days ahead…… a romantic desire to hold your trembling hands, to feel your wrinkled skin, matching it out with mine and still wanting to care, wanting to be MAN and WOMAN till we are lost in the oblivion.