Sunday, 15 March 2009


You came down as droplets of rain,

To relieve me of an agonising pain.

I asked the heavenly skies

What beyond your happening lies ?

It smiled a sweet-loving smile,

And took me along its thoughts for a mile.

A voice from above roared,

And echoed as well as soared ,

Unfolding blessings and a fragrance..........

That touched my life with an essence.

Suddenly I had you in my arms,

A divine child with exquisite charms.

You whispered- "Congratulations mother dear,

Now I have come and you got nothing to fear."

I said "Oh God what an angelic vision !"

She reassured, She was my creation.

Transfixed was I to see her smile,

Not belonging to my womb she comes to beguile.

As I sensed the moment of this magical beauty,

I wondered whether it was a dream or a reality.

She pulled at the chords of my motherhood,

And I had not one more chance to brood.

The moment still stands tall in my memoir,

When she came as my saviour.

As she grew I gave her a helping hand,

And nursed and cared till she could stand.

Honest and vibrant as she is,

I am sure nothing could be better than this.

A personal verdict if allowed by God,

I would say she is a gift of the Lord.

Today as she has moved on in her life,

She supports me in every strife.

The helping hand that I had once extended,

Has come back to me with love blended.

Thank you my darling for proving you are mine,

May in your life you forever outshine.


  1. Hey! Dis one is for Didi..ryt??
    Simply grt!
    Keep Posting!

  2. The joys of being a mother....wonderfully expressed.

    I loved the lines:

    "The helping hand that I had once extended,
    Has come back to me with love blended."