Sunday, 15 March 2009


Mother I am neither enough learned nor enlightened
To describe the incomparable bliss I experienced
Being born to a mother par excellence;
Yet I need to do this before I make my peace,
To unravel to the others the true essence
Of a mother’s love that put me at ease.
Mother, dear mother, it was just the other day,
You welcomed me in your arms and I lay
In the comfort of your benevolent embrace
And even today you are pervading my life in every phase.
I take no credit for the tasks I accomplished;
I am today what out of me you established.
Mother, sweet mother of mine,
It was your support that made me outshine.
In me a hidden spring you manifested
In me humanity you created.
Ardent and upright you taught me to be
My beloved mother, I owe my all to thee.
If perfect virtue I am asked to define,
It is you mother, sweet mother of mine.
Life has turned my steps away from home,
But I cuddle in your warmth wherever I roam.
By the dint of your merit is my wisdom and fortitude,
And I reverently remember it with gratitude.
A palpable pride for you nestles in my heart,
As I go down the memory lane right from the start.
My tears choke me as I write these lines,
For you dear mother my heart pines.
I can willingly brace death without regret
For I have been blessed with a mother so great!!!

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