Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Going down the memory lane,

I can see myself in a school girl frame.

A happy girl wasnt I dear ?

With a friend like you always near.

Remember how smart both of us looked..........

And so many eyes we always hooked.

Those were the days of our teenage,

When life was special on every page.

School was a place where we met,

This happening was written in our fate.

Every morning we would greet with a smile,

And remain happy all the while.

Sitting together listening to English or History,

Was fun as we shared a great chemistry.

In the Maths class I would always have a doubt,

How generously you would help me out.

Studying together, times we spent,

We were hardworking as well as diligent.

We sang together when the class went free,

And would dance around on a happy spree.

Suji do you remember the tiffin bell ?

It would make us run down as if freed from a cell.

The ice cream candy so eagerly waiting..........

It cost ten paise and you know I am not joking.

The yellow coloured attractive ice,

Would make us feel fresh and nice....

Soothing us of the monotony,

Of a Geography lecture's agony.

Another memory is crossing my mind.........

To which an answer I couldnt find.

Watching Manju Miss in the assembly,

Would set the spark in me simply.

Those days I had a crush on her,

And didn't know how to get over.

Those were the days of sheer innocence,

When we derived life's true essence.

Remember how we stayed away from the rest,

Chirping like birds in a nest.

Assuring each other of our friendship...............

Focussing on our promises to keep.

We would hold hands lovingly always,

Not knowing we would have to part ways.

Those were the days we would smile and laugh,

Over sweet nothings as life wasn't tough.

We had woven plenty of dreams those days..........

Aspiring success in every phase.

We dreamt of a career , a family of our own.........

And wished to be proud mothers, to be well known.

We would imagine ourselves in bridal wear,

And in front of the mirror stand and stare.

Blushing at the adulations of our special ones,

We would both reel in a sweet trance.

We shared our crushes , our secrets too........

Our innermost feelings- meaningful and true.

We befriended each other as we would gel,

In every aspect so very well.

We were proud to be carrying the "best friends" tag,

In school days thats what we need to bag.

I am happy that we still continue to be................

Best friends for a lifetime , till eternity.



  1. Thank you so much, my Best Friend, for this special gift. I feel so blessed to have found you again!! Always stay in touch.

  2. Now this is the ultimate birthday gift a friend can ever receive...!

  3. Childhood friendship beautifully woven into a string of words ! And I agree with Arundhati...its the ultimate gift one can receive !