Wednesday, 17 August 2011


I know my man since I entered my teens. When I sit down and connect the dots it tells me that I have lived only thirteen years of my life without him. I am almost a part of his life......torn apart between the phases of success and failure that touched us at the same time with its far reaching impact. I define our togetherness this way. Every time life treated us shabbily with a crisis we found ourselves picking up the cudgels and moving ahead with a unified force trying to gratify the demands of life with our forbearance. This “WE” feeling gave us strength and courage to pull on.

25 years did not pass in the wink of an eye. Our marriage has its own residue of mixed emotions........ The romantic days when our eyes met, spoke, cajoled, the exciting moments when we became one in unison with all the spark and magic of this world. Those were the days when we were enslaved because of the yearning that tugged at our hearts. But the entire journey wasn’t always euphoric. There came some years in our walks of life, years that enveloped the rainbow and shrouded it with apprehensions and travails. The busy life took us away from each other. We couldn’t fight against the tide and surrendered to the monotonous drudgery that came to greet us so unexpectedly. The peace, joy and happiness of being in communion with the man of my life were soon lost in the oblivion. A hollowing loneliness widened the gap between two people who always loved truly. So when I talk about 25 years I cannot rule out the moments of despondency. It has been quite a journey........ the colours brightened, dimmed and then at times faded not knowing how the bright hues transformed into misty shades. Yet the stressful moments could not dwarf our minds forever. We realised what we missed out on due to our incorrect ways of handling things. We wished to get back to our beautiful dreams that brought us together as man and wife in reality. We were indeed caught in the serpentine maze of life but couldn’t allow happiness to be so elusive. So yes...... we had our share of moments of poignancy but emerged victorious holding our hands with a special reassurance. Eventually we were brought back to the shores perhaps cleansed of our silly logic and false ego. We were able to fight back the hostile cosmos that is a part of every marriage. Both of us made a home in the vastness of strange ordeals our marriage gifted us with.

Honestly marriage is three parts of love and seven parts of forgiveness. 25 years of married life is not about celebrating silver jubilee, but about celebrating our growth, our maturity which allows us to understand that marital bliss is not about riding on a winged chariot, not about creating a sensation. It is life in itself...... so it has its turmoil too.
We have been married to each other because of a longing we shared once upon a time as lovers. Today our relationship has transcended above all the, fear, anger, grief.........all have merged ......... to create a genesis of a unique relationship in the oasis of our life as.. MR. & MRS. VIRENDER RAINA................TOUCHWOOD !!!

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  1. wishing the lovely couple the best of happiness, and'am....truly romantic!!!