Friday, 10 June 2011


My STAR daughter TWINKLED all along. Yet in my ODYSSEY of life it took me some time to glean and capture the GLOW of light she emitted in my heart. On my graduation from a woman to a mother I realised soon what I missed all the years that had gone by. The surge of pride when your child does well, the swelling of the heart at the excitement of nurturing a child and even the agonies that arise from your child's pains are EMOTIONS of a LIFETIME. I found each one of them although different in their respective ways merged together and united us (MOTHER and CHILD) as ONE.

Does anyone know why I call her my STAR CHILD ? Oh yes as she works for STAR PLUS ! ha....ha.... JOKES APART... how can I rate my indispensable jewel to a TRANSITORY thing like a COMPANY. She is my STAR CHILD as she is the NORTH STAR that will always illuminate my life. Like the POLE STAR she stands STEADFAST and INSPIRES me to be STRONG like her. Like the POLE STAR whose light never FADES out she is there with me SMILING away the TEARS that VEIL our eyes and REJUVENATES me with her spirit. Her PRISTINE way of leading life in this STAINED world talks about the DIVINITY of a STAR. I have always been happy that my STAR works for STAR but I know even if she moves away from STAR PLUS she will forever be a STAR in her own CHARISMATIC ways. My STAR will SPARKLE wherever she goes. She is the CURTAIN RAISER of my life and as she journeys through her life my BLESSINGS will take her to a PEDESTAL where the SKIES will be CLEAR and SUNNY always. This is my confidence in a CHILD who came from NOWHERE to be EVERYWHERE !!!.

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