Wednesday, 4 April 2012


My sorrows have acted as a harbinger of peace for at times of distress i feel very close to you my dear Lord. You deserve a blinding adoration from me but this couldnt have happened if i was only to be basking in joy. So God you deliberately put into my kitty the burdens of life.My creator you have been generous in giving me a lot of things but have been reluctant to allow me my peace of mind as you feel i will actually be a loser then. Perhaps the happy glimpses will take me away from you. You cant possibly allow me to deny you. You have made me realise that happiness does not come with a seal of permanance. Reality is different from dreams and one has to encounter turmoils. You made me redefine happiness. Happiness is a continuous effort to overcome problems. True happiness is an undying courage in the face of a difficult situation.
Oh ! God i am brave, i will not give up my smiles. Will you not bless me with the much awaited showers of joy ? Come on God.... i have surely earned plenty of brownie points by now. With every hurdle that you have placed i have tried to clear out my frown. I have displayed exemplary courage God and i am sure you know how i have managed my daily chores at home and my responsibilities at my work station. This was possible because i love you God and always wish to respect your decision. I know you are great God and i know you have bountiful spirit and energy but God tell me ... are you not impressed with me ? Oh yes !!!!! I have confidence in you. Oh ! God you know i have taken all the pains just to appease you. God give me those melodious strains back.... its been long that i have been creating my own melodies to battle out the din of this world. I have wrapped up the miseries with a flash of defiance in the framework of my will power. I have concealed the harshness of life with my smiles. I am confident i have mesmerised you. I know you love me and soon my apprehensions will be defenceless when you unfold your divine power. I can see a tinge of grey but i know you will clear it out with your golden hue... wont you dear God ? God I promise to charm you with my forbearance and you will soon take me on an ecstatic flight and once again my life will be a rapturous song which will envisage the end of this stressful phase.
Dear God i trust your moves. I know happiness cannot cease to exist but has faded out for a momentary phase. I will revive its lustre with my fortitude and your blessings. Waiting for the carpet of green that you will set before me. Till then i am here to smile....... i am here to love and i am here to hope.......

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  1. Wow,Ma'am your every word has dat powerful n magnetic touch is mesmerised me ... this deep conversation with sure He will be happy with his dear Angel who is lovely devotee...a wonderful person sharing around happiness...thanx for sharing this wonderful post;-)