Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Looking forward to February first,

Is probably something I would think of last.

A day when Pappa left this earth,

And i found myself in sheer dearth.

Tears replaced the smiles i wore,

There were sorrows galore.

But soon i realised he wasnt gone,

And encouraged me for every dream that was born.

His unheard melodies filled my life,

His silent blessings took away my strife.

As i grew up Pappa transcended all,

And his bearings in life stood tall.

I learnt that i could connect with him,

By fulfilling his endearing dream.

Today the first of Feb is important to me,

As it gives me an opportunity....

To take across Pappa's noble plans,

Of helping the poor and the orphans.

Every year as the day dawns in,

There is a calm amidst the day's din.

A thrill, a strange contentment,

Does not allow me to lament.

I get up with a renewed role,

To cheer up the dreary soul.

I have been close to my father dear,

By wiping away many a tear.

Pappa in the oneness of you and me,

I have learnt to care for the needy.

The first of Feb brings no pains,

And i look forward to the spiritual gains.


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  2. That was touching ma'am...after all we do know how much your dad meant to you...

    As always it was a good read :)

    Take Care.

  3. Thanx fatima. yes i know u all know... bt one change... wt my dad means to me. NO PAST TENSE IN RELATIONSHIPS.

  4. I am so glad that you found my site Chippa ...... happy to have shared this feel.