Sunday, 26 September 2010

Mother and Daughter – A journey of a lifetime.

Many have envied the perfect bonding between a mother and daughter and fathers have not been an exception to it. Perhaps fathers are at times amazed to see how, just how this magic unfolds. The enchanting spell that creates a love lock between a mother and daughter. Being a mother of a beautiful daughter I define this experience as an unending journey. I feel so complete as a woman and I realise that it is my girl who breathes in life into my existence with her eye of appreciation, with her thoughts of concern, with her touch that assures me of her undying support and an affection beyond compare. Some things cannot be justified. That’s how I define a daughter’s love. At one point even the doting fathers realise that there are certain bondings that not only descend from heaven but create heaven on earth. That is what I feel when I think of being a mother of a girl. To have a daughter is to know yourself better. The love of a daughter is a nostalgic caresses our soul, nestles in our heart and glows in our eyes. A daughter comes into your life to give you the lessons of unconditional love. Yes, every mother knows the bird will be flying from her nest someday and then there will be a VOID. Yet, there is so much of happiness in pain too, for that pain is of missing a part of your own self, which asserts how much you have loved her, how indispensable she is and how we as MOTHERS are strong enough to give away our very own existence, our dear DAUGHTERS with a BRAVE SMILE for the sake of their SMILES. In this GIVING the mother gives her ALL yet loses nothing as a perfect mother daughter relationship does not end.......the JOURNEY continues with fresh BEGINNINGS. That is how I define a mother daughter relationship......A JOURNEY OF A LIFETIME.

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