Sunday, 1 August 2010


Sister Or Friend as you say…….
Suits me fine on Friendship Day.
My childhood days you have woven well….
With golden threads and memories to tell.
Hey sister! how much we enjoyed the hour,
When pappa and ma would be off to party in their car.
We would put the music on full blast…
And dance till our energies last.
Simply rolling on the carpet at times…..
We would laugh away with no reason or rhymes.
I can’t forget the room we shared…..
The acrobatics on the bed we dared.
The melodies of “MAN CHAHE GEET”……
Oh! they sounded really sweet.
In the eerie silence of night…..
How at times we held each other in fright.
I would lead you by the hand then
And take you to Pappa and Ma’s den.
You would sweetly cuddle in their arm,
And I would be happy to see you calm.
I remember the bossing attitude too,
And how I was scared to oppose you.
You would always prove your might
And then we would start a fight.
Back again we would be doting on each other
And it then seemed nothing would matter.
Even now we enjoy the same chemistry,
For our love is genuine, no flattery.
We still have our share of fights…….
Yet make up and chat through the nights.
I admire you as you are strong willed
And the way you act as a powerful shield.
At times when I see your health fail,
You conceal your pain and ensure you don’t look pale.
I marvel to see you sweeping away fear,
And salute your courage sister dear.
You are my strength in all my lows……
How much you care it then shows.
You make me laugh with all your jest,
Sister you are simply the best.
I know we truly love each other
Term it sister or friend we will remain together.


  1. Siblings can never be replaced. Sometimes people fall out of friendship but this never happens with our siblings. Family must be given utmost priority. Very very well written ma'am :)

  2. Family always sticks with us throughout,irrespective of anything.Its wonderfull that you found a best friend in your sister.
    and going by your poem,togther,you will always remain.
    lovely post.

  3. Very true...No matter what happens are friends leave us but our Family our Siblings be with us together..!!.. It's wonderful to have such a deep bond with a sister...
    and this is lovely "I know we truly love each other
    Term it sister or friend we will remain together."
    wonderful poem ma'am :)

  4. oh!!! this poem really brings out the siblings love 4 each other .i also have a sister, v fight, have fun, encourage and even suprise each other:)

  5. solace anywhere more comforting than that in the arms of a sister?....You made me nostalgic...I miss my 'bonti'