Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Dear God,

I have never denied your existence nor questioned it over the years that spanned my life.I have thanked you many a time for giving me wonderful parents, for allowing me to be the woman of the man I so desired, for giving me students who have always looked back with gratitude and ultimately for the best happening in my life.............BHAVANA.

You have always been there and I felt you in every miracle I encountered. Today as the day dawned in ,I did shudder to think WHAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED if you were not there to take helm of the situation. I still remember those stressful days when I spoke to you like one of my family members. I told you to take a decision. And as always after the storm in my life a calm sets in, you decided to bring in the calm by transporting your logical derivations to us. God thank you for saving our dearest daughter. God thank you for proving it to me that I am never wrong when I invoke you to come and take a call on whatever is difficult for me to handle. Darling God I love to depend on you emotionally as you never let me down. The path you make me traverse may be very steep, uncomfortable, suffocating at times but my beloved God you compensate for all these travails with miracles unbound in my life.I feel so relieved when you make your presence felt in my life.

Thank you God for gifting me this day, for understanding that Bhavana deserves much more and for making allowance of positive thoughts in the entire family to decide against the event that was slated for this day.Hey God do you remember me telling you to come in my dreams and guide me. Oh how ignorant I was when I invited you to walk into my dreams forgetting that you are a part of my reality.Yes as I write this, I feel you are there smiling away and celebrating our consent to your wise decision. Bhavana is a GIFT to US from YOU , so how can you ever let anyone distort her life. I trust you and will always want you to be with us in every walk of life. Let there be pains and troubles, let there be struggles.......... We will accept all this gracefully dear lord for I know that at the end of the rugged path there will be a light to make us glow.

Thank you God.


  1. God simply loves you a lot...and there have been extraordinary miracles in your life, more than once, which definitely reaffirms the thought that god is always with you, paving the path for joy to enter...
    This time too, though the construction of the path lasted for few tough months, the final destination has certainly been relieving and bright...
    God indeed is planning bigger and better joys...for the future...to last forever!